Visitor Tips & Policies

To provide you and other visitors with a comfortable and enjoyable experience and to ensure the preservation of the Reynolda collection, we ask that you follow these guidelines during your visit:

  • Please keep a safe (arms-length) distance from all art and historic furnishings.
    There are many objects in the Museum, installed in close proximity to one another and to visitors, and sometimes they seem like objects that you might touch. Even the lightest touch can damage a work of art and other objects. Hands contain oils that, over time, damage objects.
  • Store personal items in our complimentary lockers.
    Umbrellas, backpacks, overcoats, cameras, bags, purses, and strollers should be stored in the lockers or coatroom. Bags larger than 10 inches are not allowed inside the galleries and historic house.
  • Keep food and drink outside the Museum.
    Water fountains are available inside the Museum and restaurants are located in nearby Reynolda Village.
  • Be mindful of the volume when using your mobile phone. 
    Enjoy our Reynolda Revealed app while you tour, and feel free to tweet and text about what you're learning! For the courtesy of other visitors, please no calls in the Museum.
  • Know what's on view.
    Note that works in the collection rotate regularly; for this reason, you may not see a favorite painting or other work of art during your visit. Please check the list of current works on view.
  • Share your visit! Photography is allowed outdoors, in the lobby areas of the Babcock Wing, and in designated locations in the historic house and galleries.
    Outdoor photography on Museum grounds for personal use is encouraged. Indoor, still photography without flash for personal use by means of phones, hand-held cameras, or tablets is encouraged in designated areas. Museum staff can help direct you to these areas during your visit. When taking photographs in these spaces, please be courteous to other visitors by not blocking their view or impeding their enjoyment of the Museum. Thank you for not taking photographs in other areas of the Museum or galleries. Our photography policy is in place for the safety of our visitors and the safety of our exceptional collections for future generations to enjoy.

    Share your images with us by tagging @CurateReynolda#ReynoldaHouse

    For professional and portrait photography outdoors at Reynolda, please see our photo policy. For media and commercial photography, please contact the Marketing & Communications Office.

  • Concealed weapons are prohibited on the Reynolda Estate and Wake Forest University Campus.