Suggested Itineraries

More than 20 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds and historic architecture await you on a visit to Reynolda.  

Suggested Itineraries

Imagine the laughter of children and hear the sounds of the historic Aeolian organ as you find masterpieces of American art around every corner of the restored Reynolds family mansion.

Suggested Itineraries

Just as Katharine Reynolds envisioned, Reynolda Gardens today is open to the public and easily accessible. Crushed stone, grass, and slate pathways take you from flower plantings to vegetable beds. 

Suggested Itineraries

Dairy barns and cattle sheds, blacksmith shop, carriage house, post office, and school buildings are today home to unique shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Suggested Itineraries

The Reynolda Historic District includes more than 150 acres, perfect for exploring by foot.


Suggested Itineraries

A Day at Reynolda includes exploring the historic house, discovering the Museum’s renowned American art collection, viewing featured exhibition, strolling wooded trails and through formal gardens, and shopping and dining in Reynolda Village. Download our app, Reynolda Revealed, for the full Reynolda Estate experience. An orientation video is included with admission to the Museum, and interpretative panels are found throughout the Museum. Featured exhibitions are also included with admission. The Wake Forest University campus, adjacent to Reynolda, is accessible by walking trail or by car. Get to know the campus before your visit with Wake Forest's Interactive Map of Reynolda Campus and Historic Reynolda District

We recommend at least three hours to fully experience the Museum and surrounding estate. If you’re visiting with children, review our tips for visiting with kids. Also, see what works are on view today at the Museum.

Check our calendar to see what's happening today at the Museum, and hear the Aeolian organ played daily at 2:45 p.m.

Looking for a new way to tour the Museum? Browse our itineraries below and find tips for visiting if you have all day or just an hour.

If you have one hour

Head straight to the orientation gallery and watch the 8-minute video to get an overview of Reynolda’s history and present-day mission. Then, use the map on Reynolda Revealed or ask a staff member to point you to the Reception Hall, the iconic main room of the historic house. Spend some time with the works of art located here—they are among the most beloved in the collection and have traveled the world. Look for the short, winding staircase to the attic, where the Museum’s costume collection is on view. This is a great way to envision the family that once lived here. Wander through the hallways to find former bedrooms that are now small art galleries showcasing Reynolda's collection, and pick up a souvenir on your way out.

If you have three hours

Start with the 8-minute orientation video, then take time to read the panels located in the orientation gallery. Download the Reynolda Revealed app on your phone or ask our staff to check out one of our iPads, and begin your tour in R.J.'s study, then explore all four floors of the 1917 bungalow at your own pace. Look for the lion's feet in the Reception Hall and the punch bowl in the kitchen, and find the bedroom galleries on the second floor which now display some of the Museum's renowned collection of American art. Save 30 minutes to explore the exhibition on view in the Babcock Wing, and consider an original art purchase from the Art-O-Mat.

After your tour, browse in the Museum Store for a memento. Then take a leisurely stroll from the Museum through Reynolda Gardens, taking note of the variety of flower and vegetable gardens still in use today. Finish your Reynolda experience in Reynolda Village, with a casual patio lunch and shopping at the unique shops located in the former farm buildings of the estate.