Reynolda at Home


In this biweekly installment, Reynolda curators and staff members take a look at one work of art or one story from our history and go for a deep dive. 

No. 1: Katharine's Healthy Habits


No. 2:  "Anna Dorothea Foster and Charlotte Anna Dick" by Gilbert Stuart


No. 3:  "A Matter of Clarity" by Betye Saar


No. 4:  Heroic Doctors: Thomas Eakins and the Art of Dissection


No. 5: 1915 Panama Pacific Itinerary

No. 6: A Portrait of J. Edward Johnston

Pop-Up Studio with Julia Hood

Explore our history and collection through these tutorials you can do right at home!


Mail Art Chapter 1, Stationery


Mail Art Chapter 2: Envelopes


Dyeing Eggs with Cabbage


Bird Ornaments


Be the Curator


Torn Paper Animal Collage


Flower Bouquet Collage


Design a Chair


Folded Books: Chapter 1


Folded Books: Chapter 2


Simple Stick Books


Bubble Wrap Prints


Chalk Printing


Reynolda Salon Series

Inspired by Katharine Smith Reynolds' "salons," Reynolda House Museum of American Art offers a weekly series for digital engagement — from our sofa to yours.

Intentionally designed to stimulate conversations concerning themes of Reynolda's history and the Museum's collection of American Art, anyone who is naturally curious and has access to the internet can join! One week may be a slow looking exercise and the next a writing prompt—you'll find out each Sunday when you open your special invitation.

Like the intellectual gatherings of Katharine's time, each meeting will offer opportunities for creativity and social engagement.

How does it work?
Each Sunday, Manager of Community and Academic Learning
Amber Albert will send an email invitation via email to those who have registered that outlines the week's activity &/or identifies a guest host. The following Wednesday afternoon, Amber will convene a Zoom session during which time group members can share their ideas.

Who can participate?
For the benefit of those in the group and their internet connection, we are capping each Wednesday Zoom session to 30 people. 


Explore Reynolda

See, Think, Wonder: Thomas Cole's "Home in the Woods" (1847)

In this printable at-home activity, spark a discussion or writing exercise with slow looking at Thomas Cole's 1847 painting, "Home in the Woods." Click above for directions on how to get started!


Discovery Lesson: Animals

For ages 3–5, explore peace and kindness through this lesson plan that combines works of art from our permanent collection and literature. Get started with your young learner at the link above. 



For ages 2–adult, bring a painting to life in Eastman Johnson’s The Storyteller of the Camp (Maple Sugar Camp) (1861–1866). Using conversation prompts and slow looking, imagine new stories for Johnson’s characters as well as building narratives as a group. Download at the link above!


Art and the Five Senses

Can you hear this painting? Can you imagine the smell of a magnolia on a sweltering summer day? In this week’s at-home lesson plan for ages 2 and up, take a look at Childe Hassam’s Giant Magnolias (1904)  and Maurice Prendergast’s The Bathing Cove (circa 1916–1918) and see how these works of art can convey each of our 5 senses.


Still Life and Making Meaning

In this lesson plan for ages 4–5 to adult, explore Audrey Flack's Bounty and look for and consider complex and familiar symbols.



"A picture is a poem without words." — Horace

Make meaningful connections between art and poetry via weather, as depicited in George Inness's emotive "The Storm" (1885) in these at-home activities.



Have you ever tried to build something? How did it feel to collaborate, or, work together? In this lesson for your home or classroom, work with a partner to construct a hands-on building activity, modeled after Jacob Lawrence's 1968 Builder's No. 2.



Autumn (sometimes called fall) is one of the four seasons of the year and is the time of year that transitions summer into winter.  Go inside the season of shorter days and dropping temperatures in Jasper Francis Cropsey’s Mounts Adam and Eve.

Zoom Backgrounds

Step up your next Zoom call with this collection of four Reynolda backgrounds. Download here (.ZIP).

Family First


Helpful Downloads



Pop-Up Studio: Bird Ornament Patterns and Stitches for Sewing
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Pop-Up Studio: Bird Ornament Patterns and Stitches for Sewing