In August 2010, Reynolda House embarked on a three-year, comprehensive electronic cataloging project of the Museum's collections. The first year of the project was focused on cataloging objects in the fine art collection, while the second and third years expanded their concentration to incorporate objects from the historic house. This included photographing each object, organizing existing documentation, and creating original research. We purchased a new database, The Museum System (TMS), in which we are able to enter all of this information.

November 10, 2011
November 10, 2011 Joseph Stella's Tree, Cactus, Moon, circa 1928 object file included an article from Winston-Salem's The Sentinel newspaper on June 25, 1979--which Managing Curator...
October 24, 2011
October 24, 2011 This week we are happy to have our contracted Decorative Arts Curator Ellen Denker at Reynolda House for a second time. During this visit she is going to be focusing on...
September 23, 2011
September 23, 2011 Prints and engravings from the 19th century frequently have more than one artist associated with their creation—but typically only the painter of the original work gets...
September 6, 2011
September 6, 2011 At this point the majority of the full-time (and some part-time) staff of the Museum has received a TMS introduction and demonstration. Staff learned about our new...
August 18, 2011
August 18, 2011 I've uncovered some more little gems of information while gathering information in letters between Reynolda House's Founding President Barbara B. Millhouse and artist...