In August 2010, Reynolda House embarked on a three-year, comprehensive electronic cataloging project of the Museum's collections. The first year of the project was focused on cataloging objects in the fine art collection, while the second and third years expanded their concentration to incorporate objects from the historic house. This included photographing each object, organizing existing documentation, and creating original research. We purchased a new database, The Museum System (TMS), in which we are able to enter all of this information.

October 12, 2012
October 12, 2012 The majority of lighting fixtures in the House were created by Edward F. Caldwell & Co., New York. This is true of the eight wall brackets, four table lamps, and...
September 27, 2012
September 27, 2012 Chloe and I have been spending our Mondays (closed to the public—so as to not be underfoot) processing objects in the Lake Breakfast Porch and on the Balcony. Just like...
September 14, 2012
September 14, 2012 I've been spending a good deal of time working with historic house objects lately. A number of the pieces make me think of our William Merritt Chase painting, In the...
August 17, 2012
August 17, 2012 Getting a glimpse at an artist's visual inspiration is a real treat.  This happened when working through the file for Lyonel Feininger's Church of Heiligenhafen, 1922...
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August 1, 2012
August 1, 2012 Today marks the first day of the Electronic Cataloging Project's Year Three. We had a productive Year Two, with the entry of 138 content-rich object records (and their 1,756...