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How to Make Mail Art Stationery

When the Reynolds family lived at Reynolda, different members of the family would sometimes travel. They would write letters to one another to stay connected. View letters that Katharine and R.J. Reynolds' children sent to them here.

View a letter from Nancy Reynolds to her parents, written in 1917.
View a letter from Mary Reynolds to her parents.


How to Make Mail Art Envelopes

Download the medium-sized envelope template.
Download the small-sized envelope template.

How to Dye Eggs with Red Cabbage

While we don't know many details, we know that the Reynolds family celebrated Easter. In 1911, the two oldest Reynolds children (then ages 5 and 2) 'hosted" an Easter egg hunt at their home in downtown Winston-Salem. Children looked for eggs in the family conservatory (like a greenhouse) among the plants. The Reynolds used decorations of miniature rabbits and chicks, a theme we still find in Eastern decorations today! 

Download instructions here. 
For additional recipes for naturally dyed Easter eggs, see Sara Kate Gillingham's recipes here.

How to Sew Bird Ornaments

Download instructions here.
Download bird sewing guide here.

View birds in Reynolda's art collection:
John James Audubon, Blue Jay, 1830
John James Audubon, Bachman's Warbler, 1833
Martin Johnson Heade, Orchid with Two Hummingbirds, 1871
Charles Burchfield, The Woodpecker, 1955-63
Audrey Flack, Bounty, 1978

Interested in learning more about birds?
View the Audubon Society's webpage for kids.
Explore information about specific birds with the North American bird guide.

Be the Curator

Download instructions here. 
Print your own miniature versions of some works of art from Reynolda.
Draw your own miniature versions of art from Reynolda's online catalog.


How to Make a Torn Paper Animal Collage

Download instructions here. 
Explore some of the animals in Reynolda's art here. 


How to Make a Flower Bouquet Collage

Download instructions here. 
Get inspired! View flowers in Reynolda's art and history here. View Severin Roesen's painting, Flowers in a Glass Pitcher with Bird's Nest and Fruit, 1867.


Design a Chair

Download instructions here. 
View chairs in Reynolda's collection. View chairs in Reynolda's American Art collection

How to Make a Folded Book, Part One

Download instructions here. 


How to Make a Folded Book, Part Two

Download instructions here.

How to Make a Simple Stick Book

Download instructions here.

How to Make Bubble Wrap Prints

Download instructions here.

Chalk Printing

Download instructions here.

How to Make Art with Leaves, Part One


How to Make Art with Leaves, Part Two

View fall color and leaves in Reynolda's collection:
Jasper Crospey, Mounts Adam and Eve, 1871
William Wegman, Rangeley, Maine, 1982

Potato Print Wrapping Paper

Find inspiration in prints from Reynolda's American Art collection:
Jim Dine, The World (for Anne Waldman), 1972
Alan Shield, Sun, Moon, Title Page, 1971

How to Wrap a Present like it’s 1917


How to Make a Heart Garland

Explore images of hearts in Reynolda's collection: 
Jim Dine, The World (for Anne Waldman), 1972