What’s in the Attic at Reynolda?

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What’s in the Attic at Reynolda?



In the attic at Reynolda, visitors will discover three generations of the family’s clothing and accessories and a collection of children and grandchildren’s toys. In Katherine Reynolds’s time, the attic was where she stored her clothes, an irresistible lure to her daughters, nieces, and their friends.

“I think I was conscious of her clothes; of her being beautifully dressed…if I had known the the term— glamorous I would have used the term for her.”

-Elizabeth Lybrook Wyeth, Katharine’s Niece


It is remarkable that so much clothing has survived over the years, as two generations of Reynolds family children played dress-up in this attic. Moreover, Katharine Reynolds made generous donations to charitable organizations as well as gifts of clothing to wives of her employees.



“Oh there was one thing I remember so vividly…it was the most exciting thing to me when Mrs. Reynolds called us in to tell her good morning, when we were spending the night. We went in her room, and the bed was covered with these gorgeous sketches from the fashion designers in New York, the most famous ones. And the most beautiful sketches—you admired that.”

-Tippy Ruffin, a friend to the Reynold’s children

Some items from the costume collection have been conserved and are on view in the current exhibition, The Golden Age of Reynolda in the gallery with Star Power: Edward Steichen’s Glamour Photography.



i wonder if there have been any Victorian/Edwardian-era hatpins found in the collection?  I have a large collection of them and seeing the lovely hats in the photo above made me wonder if the family had saved Mrs. Reynolds hatpin?

Hi, Holly, 
There are a couple of hairpins in the attic, one on the oval middle table in the corner, and two sparkling pins in the dressing table among the chemises. You'll have to come take a closer look! 
Thanks for your question.

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