What is your favorite chair?

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What is your favorite chair?

By Allison C. Perkins, Executive Director | @ArtMuseumGirl

The Art of Seating  will likely ignite for each of you a cherished memory about a favorite chair in your life. It has for me.  
Some of my most comforting childhood memories revolve around a certain child-size bench that dates to the late-19th century. My grandfather purchased it in the mid-20th century, and it was passed down through my mother and father to me. With much fondness, I remember my resourceful play with this bench as a child, which often took place when my parents were having a cocktail party and I was told to behave and stay quiet. The bench would become a home for my favorite dolls and their furniture, and I would play for hours with the soothing voices of my parents and friends talking in the background and the glow of the fireplace providing light for my imagination.
This treasured piece of furniture has traveled with me throughout my adult life and become a part of the memories of my own children. When my son and daughter were younger, the bench sat in our living room, positioned in such a way that my husband and I could see it from many doorways throughout the house. Because of its unique sight line, the bench became the "time-out" place for my children; it is the perfect size for a two- or three-year-old child. But it has happy association for them, too. For many years we also used it as the birthday bench, the coveted seat from which my children would blow out the candles on their birthday cakes.
Who doesn't have a favorite chair? I can't wait to learn how The Art of Seating inspires you. One thing’s for sure: after this exhibition, you’ll never sit the same.

Allison C. Perkins
Executive Director

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