What is #drinkingaboutmuseums?

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What is #drinkingaboutmuseums?

"Drinking About Museums" originated in NYC in 2011 by a group of museum professionals that "loved to talk about their work." Since then, #drinkingaboutmuseums has popped up all over Twitter, and museum-types in cities all over the world are meeting for informal after-hours socializing.

There is no agenda, just a chance to talk about whatever we choose over drinks. Of course, alcohol is optional.

Reynolda House would like to bring #drinkingaboutmuseums to the Triad! 

The first #drinkingaboutmuseums will be Wednesday, March 12th at 5:30-7 p.m. at Silo in Reynolda Village. 

Share the love (of museums) and tweet about #drinkingaboutmuseums in #wsnc.

NEXT #drinkingaboutmuseums will be Thursday, October 16 at 7:30 pm at Silo in Reynolda Village.


I'm so excited #drinkingaboutmuseums is coming to Winston.

Hey! Hope that this went well and that you're going to do more of them! One pride-ful clarification--Drinking About Museums actually started in Denver, then migrated to Boston and elsewhere (I don't think the NYC group came until much later).Also, whoever started this up, if you don't mind sending me an e-mail (koven[at]kineticmuseums.com), I'd like to get in touch. We're finally getting ready to launch drinkingaboutmuseums.com and want to make sure y'all are on there.

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