Welcome to the grand opening of our new digital wing!

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Welcome to the grand opening of our new digital wing!


You may have noticed that our website looks a lot different since your last visit: large, scrolling images; clear, compelling navigation; and dynamic, engaging content.

But reynoldahouse.org didn’t just get a makeover; we rebuilt it from the ground up.

Now, you can explore the Museum’s renowned collections from your couch, plan your next visit in just a few clicks, and share your finds with a Facebook post or Tweet. This fall is the soft launch of our new website, which we lovingly dubbed our digital wing. Soft launch means we’ll be tweaking and making improvements throughout the fall, including adding new content along the way from our archive and historic house collections.

Reynolda House began a massive project to digitize its collections in 2010 and simultaneously acknowledged that our existing website wouldn’t support the amount of data on the Museum’s collections we wanted to make accessible to the public. We took the opportunity to envision a site that would not only support our digitized collections, but provide the platform for new ways to interact, engage, and inspire our audiences to learn, imagine and find meaning in what they found. So, welcome to our new--digital--wing of Reynolda House Museum of American Art!  Thanks for visiting; our doors are always open!

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This project was made possible in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services. www.imls.gov


I am looking at the site in my iPhone and it looks great.
It is wonderful! I like the search features and have searched for artists as well as adult events. Works beautifully - easy to navigate and lovely to look at. Well done!

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