Top Ten Reasons to see #AmericanModerns before it closes May 4!

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Top Ten Reasons to see #AmericanModerns before it closes May 4!

American Moderns, 1910-1960: From O’Keeffe to Rockwell is leaving Reynolda House on May 4! Join us as we countdown the top ten reasons this is a must-see show and we’ll see you at the Museum!

REASON #10 - It’s  the Real Deal!
Experience the thrill of being in the presence of great American paintings that you’ve only seen in college posters and coffee table books! 

REASON #9 - Rare Chance to take a #MuseumSelfie
Non-flash photography is allowed in the #AmericanModerns gallery - a rare circumstance in the world of fine art & copyright. (Just be mindful of other visitors while you’re snapping pics.)

REASON #8 - Ask the Neighbors!
#AmericanModerns is one of the most popular exhibitions to ever come to #Reynolda, so chances are your neighbors have already seen it! See what all the buzz is about.

REASON #7 -  #Reynolda Experts 24/7
Deep dive into the backstory of selected #AmericanModerns artists who are also part of #Reynolda’s collection through the “Modern Minute” series, a @CurateReynolda production.

REASON #6 -  #Reynolda After Hours this Thursday
Can’t make it to the Museum during regular hours? Take advantage of our extended hours (4:30-8 p.m.) on Thursday May 1. ADDED BONUS: Discounted admission, music by @WakeRadio DJs, snacks by Silo, & “My Madness for You”: A Dramatic Reading of the Letters of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz by Sharon Andrews and Michael Huie.

REASON #5 -  Brooklyn without the Subway Fare
American Moderns, 1910–1960: From O'Keeffe to Rockwell presents fifty-seven works of art from the remarkable collection of the Brooklyn Museum. Reynolda House is one of the eight lucky venues hosting this exhibition as it travels the country.

REASON #4 - Galapagos green. Naples yellow. Alizarin crimson. Ultramarine violet. Cerulean blue. Venetian red.
The range of colors that radiate from the works of art in #AmericanModerns brighten the soul!

REASON #3 - Because Jerry Richardson Said So. 
Sports Center - add this to your highlight reel. The owner of the Carolina Panthers, Jerry Richardson, made a special visit to Reynolda House this spring with his family  just to see #AmericanModerns. This should pique the curiosity of any football enthusiast!

REASON #2 - Rockwell
Think you know Norman Rockwell, the painter of iconic moments of American life? Think again. See Rockwell’s “The Tattoo Artist,” and never look at tattoos (or Rockwell) the same.

REASON #1 - O’Keeffe
This is your chance to see 5 works by one of the most famous American painters, Georgia O’Keeffe in one museum!


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