The 1905 Grand Tour

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The 1905 Grand Tour

In March 1905, R.J. and Katharine Reynolds boarded the ocean liner The Baltic, then the largest vessel in the world, en route to a three-month Grand Tour of Europe. The carefully planned honeymoon trip included stops in London, Paris, Venice, and Vienna.

This spring we chronicled the newlyweds trip on Reynolda House’s Facebook page. Below is a compilation of our posts as the R.J. and Katharine traveled through Europe during the first few months as husband and wife.


February 27 New York

Happy anniversary R.J. and Katharine!

108 years ago, Katharine Smith and R.J. Reynolds were married and immediately embarked on a European Grand Tour. Stay tuned as we follow their itinerary through the Reynolda Archives with priceless keepsakes from their trip.

Credit: R.J. and Katharine Reynolds, c. 1916, Reynolda House Museum of American Art


 March 1 New York to Liverpool, England on The Baltic

On March 1, 1905, Katharine and R.J. Reynolds boarded a White Star Line ocean liner, “The Baltic," en route to a 3-month Grand Tour of Europe. This voyage took 3 weeks at sea. Good thing the newlyweds were in first class!

CREDIT: First Class passenger dining card, “Baltic,” from New York to Liverpool, March 1, 1905.


March 16 London, England

This month 108 years ago, R.J. and Katharine enjoyed the delights of London, England on their honeymoon. Tonight, the newlyweds went to the Duke of York’s Theatre, which is still in operation today.

CREDIT: Duke of York’s Theatre program, London, March 1905; and Duke of York’s Theatre ticket stub, London, March 18, 1905. Reynolda House Museum of American Art


Katharine and R.J.’s Grand Tour continues…The newlyweds visited Hampton Court on March 19, 1905, which Katharine chronicles on this unsent postcard found in our Archives.

CREDIT: (1) Postcard (front), West Front, Hampton Court Palace, London, no date (circa 1905) (2) Postcard (back), West Front, Hampton Court Palace, London, no date (circa 1905)


April  France

After London, then came France! While in Paris on her honeymoon tour, Katharine ordered two gowns in the high fashion of the 20th century, a time known as the “Bell Epoque." Pictured is the bill of sale for ‘design, lining & trimming of two gowns, including box, postage, and insurance’ from Compagnie Lyonnaise.

From Paris with Love…This week 108 years ago, newlyweds R.J. and Katharine Reynolds attended Theatre National de l’Opera in Paris on their European Grand Tour.

CREDIT: Playbill, Theatre National de l’Opera, Paris, April 3-8, 1905


In Paris on their honeymoon, Katharine and R.J. were photographed by French photographer and portraitist, Eugene Pirou, who used these images to create the portraits that currently hang in Mr. Reynolds’s Study at Reynolda House.

CREDIT: (1) Study for portrait of Katharine Smith Reynolds, 1905. Photographer: Eugene Pirou, Paris, France (2) Study for portrait of R. J. Reynolds, 1905. Photographer: Eugene Pirou, Paris, France


April 18 Genoa, Italy

Katharine and R.J. ventured to Italy at the end of April in 1905, but their hearts stayed close to France.  In Genoa, Italy, the newlyweds lodged at Hotel de France and dined on French cuisine.

CREDIT: (1) Brochure cover, Hotel de France, Genoa, Italy, c. 1905 (2) Menu, Hotel de France, Genoa, Italy, April 18, 1905


April 30 Rome, Italy

CREDIT: Guide book, Rome, Italy, no date

May Naples, Italy

CREDIT: Hotel brochure, Hotel Royal des Etrangers, Naples, Italy, no date

May 2 Venice, Italy

CREDIT: R. J. Reynolds to R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., April 4, 1905 (actual date likely May 4,1905).


May 8 Lucerne, Switzerland

CREDIT: Guide to Lucerne, the Lake and Its Environs, 14th edition, by J. C. Heer, (Lucerne, Switzerland: 1905)


On day 69 of their Grand Tour of Europe in 1905, newlyweds Katharine and R.J. Reynolds traveled to Switzerland and sojourned at the beautiful Hotel des Alpes & Hotel Terminus.

CREDIT: Hotel brochure, Hotel des Alpes & Hotel Terminus, Neuchatel, Switzerland, no date


CREDIT: Hotel brochure, Grand Hotel National, Lucerne, Switzerland, no date


          CREDIT: Menu, Hotel Monopol & Metropole, Lucerne, Switzerland, May 8, 1905


May 14 Vienna, Austria

On their 1905 Grand Tour, Katharine and R.J. Reynolds purchased the clock that still sits on the mantle of the reception hall from this watchmaker in Switzerland.

CREDIT: Business card, watchmaker, Lucerne, Switzerland, no date


June 16 Liverpool, England to New York on The Celtic

At the close of their 1905 European adventure, Katharine and R.J. Reynolds boarded “The Celtic” in Liverpool, England bound for New York, ready to begin their life together in Winston-Salem.

CREDIT: Souvenir card, S.S. “Celtic," Liverpool to New York, June 16, 1905

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