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Tell us your Reynolda story

By: Aaron Canipe| @CurateReynolda

Hello, readers! I wanted to take this opportunity here to digitally introduce myself, as well as introduce you to a new part of our Marketing and Communications department called our Storytelling Division. No, we didn’t hire a new crew of folks on staff all at once. Our Storytelling Division is more of a notion of how we’re thinking about our Museum: its collection, its archives, its history, and all our visitors and staff who have passed through.


Blank leather scrapbook, c. 1920s, Estate Archives, Reynolda House Museum of American Art


At our Storytelling Division, we need your help to do this! Just as each storyteller has his or her own voice, stories themselves come in all kinds of forms. We’re developing a new website that will showcase all of what you have to tell. So, we’re collecting photographs, memories, videos, voices, and writing all about Reynolda. Tell us about your most memorable time at Reynolda — about that exhibition that affected you — about that time with your family or friends — or tell us about those moments spent on the grounds and trails just yesterday.  Tell us what you hope for the future of Reynolda. 

What are we looking for? Anything that you think will contribute to understanding this place. Some people have shared photographs taken at Reynolda from old family scrapbooks, others have recorded the story of how they got engaged to their beloved on the grounds, and some have emailed their favorite memories in the form of a few simple sentences. 

There are many ways you can tell about your Reynolda. 


  • Call us at 336.758.3138 and leave a message.

  • Email us at with your photographs, videos, and comments.

  • Look for opportunities to participate in our video booths at events throughout the year.

  • Use social media! Tag your photos, Tweets, and posts with #MyReynolda.

  • Or, you can comment right here in this post below.



Like the scrapbook above, we’re a blank canvas on which to tell us your stories. Tell us your Reynolda story. We’re listening.

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