Reynolda’s Pool House Restoration Project

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Reynolda’s Pool House Restoration Project

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archival_ Pool_circa_1938

One of the most loved and asked about features of the historic Reynolda bungalow is the indoor pool, which has been closed for public use since spring 2012. Now, after more than seventy years, the time has come to restore and repair Reynolda’s beautiful pool house, originally built in 1937.

Today, the glass covering and support system are in need of replacement, and the birdcages and tile work need extensive repair and restoration. We will use a thoughtful combination of restoration and rehabilitation to preserve this unique and elegant structure. Replacing the glass roof structure while maintaining an accurate historical appearance is a primary focus of the project, which begins June 23, 2014 and is anticipated to conclude by December 16, 2014.

We will be chronicling the progress of the restoration of the pool and sharing stories about its construction and use throughout the years in this bi-weekly blog series. Also follow #ReynoldaPool on Twitter and Facebook.

To help summarize the project, we have provide some quick FAQs for your reference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is being done?

The 1937 pool house is undergoing reconstruction and repair. The major tasks involved are erecting scaffolding, lead abatement, dismantling of the glass covering, removing the wooden ceiling support structure, reconstructing the metal structure, installing new glass panes, cleaning the floor and pool tiles, restoring and repainting the birdcages, upgrading the pool’s electrical and plumbing systems, and cleaning and painting both the interior and exterior walls.

When will it be complete?

The project is scheduled to begin in late June and be complete by December 2014.

What will be different after the project?

The pool will return as an important part of the interpretation of the historic house. The Museum is exploring installing faux macaws in the branches of the birdcages as well as the possibility of having bird sounds enhance the visitor experience. Swimming is scheduled to  return as a part of Reynolda’s Summer Adventures camps in the summer of 2015. The Museum is also considering offering swimming privileges to adults through special classes and with certain levels of Museum membership, or using the space for small, private gatherings.

Why are we doing this project now?

In 2012, Reynolda House determined that several of the glass panes in the roof had cracked and slipped due to the deterioration of the cypress wood frames, making it unsafe for general use. A fundraising effort since that time secured the necessary resources for the project.

IMAGE CREDIT:  Pool, circa 1938


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