Reynolda spotlight on Katie Winokur, WFU Class of 2014

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Reynolda spotlight on Katie Winokur, WFU Class of 2014

Guest post by Katie Cook, WFU ’15 | @WakeReynolda

Katie (right) with her mother Sallie Winokur (left).

As a young girl, while most kids her age were longing for the latest toy or begging for a trip to an amusement park, Katie Winokur wanted to visit museums. It is this passion for art from an early age, as well as her extraordinary work ethic, that earned Winokur her bachelor’s degree in art history at Wake Forest University this spring.

Since arriving on campus four years ago, Winokur has participated in and led initiatives to promote the enrichment of the arts in the community.

“I am one of those rare breeds who knew I wanted to study art,” says Winokur. “With that in mind, I knew that I could find ways to get involved once I got to Wake. I started off as a member of the START Gallery Student Advisor Committee… and just kept going from there.”

Winokur’s desire to share her love of art with her fellow Demon Deacons encouraged her to form the Reynolda House Museum of American Art Student Advocacy Council, a group dedicated to strengthening the bond between the Museum and Wake Forest.

“I’m very passionate about Reynolda House,” Winokur says. “As a council, we’re the Museum’s biggest champion and we want everyone to love it as much as we do. We do this by planning events such as Taste of Reynolda, volunteering at Reynolda Thursdays… and everything in between.”

Although the council wasn’t chartered until Winokur’s junior year, her connection to Reynolda House was established four years ago when she first arrived on campus.

Winokur says: “My freshman class was the group that had their orientation experience at Reynolda and took the walk over from campus with our student and faculty advisors. We analyzed The Andes of Ecuador painting by Frederic Church. It was one of my best days at Wake Forest… just to get such a wonderful and beautiful introduction to the school makes me associate Reynolda House with my beginnings at Wake Forest.”

During her time as an undergraduate, Winokur was a public relations and marketing intern for both SECCA and the START Gallery. In the fall of 2012, as student leader of the WFU Art Buying Trip, she travelled to New York City to purchase art for the Student Union Collection of Contemporary Art. Winokur also earned the Lynne Johnson Travel Award last year, allowing her to spend two weeks overseas at the Venice Biennale.

Following graduation, Winokur will return to her home state of Georgia as an account manager for Surya, a national manufacturer of area rugs and commercial artwork. She hopes to one day return to the fine art world and open her own art gallery.

Winokur says that the lessons she has learned from her experiences at Reynolda House will undoubtedly help her to be successful in the art world.

“I utterly love Reynolda,” says Winokur. “They’ve given me a privileged look into how a museum operates… I’ve been able to learn so much and I’m incredibly appreciative.”

Cook (WFU Class of 2015) just completed an internship in the Museum’s Marketing & Communications Department. She personally interviewed Katie Winokur for this blog post.

Reynolda House would like to congratulate all graduates of Wake Forest University Class of '14! 

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