Reynolda SKETCH: En Plein Air

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Reynolda SKETCH: En Plein Air

By Julia Hood, Coordinator of Education | @LearnReynolda

A few years ago, the Reynolda Education department started a new youth program: ReynoldaSKETCH. This is a series of individual or paired classes for teens to develop their artistic skills while taking inspiration from Reynolda’s collection of American Art, art in traveling exhibitions and the whole estate.

With pastel landscapes, you begin with the most distant part of the scene then draw the middle ground, finally ending with the foreground (the objects closest to the viewer). Our teens were figuring out how to blend with pastels while trying to think about drawing objects in space.

The first day in the gardens was overcast. On our second Saturday, the teens soon saw how a change in outdoor light changes color and shadow.

Next month, we’ll return to our art studio for ReynoldaSKETCH. The teens will make studies in acrylic paint to prepare for a larger painting.

If you are interested in learning more about the program or registering a teen for classes, check out the ReynoldaSKETCH page on our website.

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