Reynolda Rockstars: Leigh and Gray Smith

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Reynolda Rockstars: Leigh and Gray Smith

By Sara Morales, Grants and Stewardship Manager | @CurateReynolda

Reynolda House Museum of American Art relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses across the triad to provide outstanding exhibitions and programming to the local community. In a new blog series, Reynolda Rockstars, Reynolda House wants to provide the opportunity for readers to get to know our amazing sponsors and get an inside look at what it means to partner with us.

Leigh and Gray Smith recently sponsored the exhibition Reynolda at 100: Lake Katharine. Visit the Curate Reynolda blog and the online gallery to learn more about Lake Katharine.

Bridge and lake road along Lake Katharine, circa 1917. Reynolda House Museum of American Art. 

Do you have a “Reynolda Moment”? 

Every time we walk through the grounds at Reynolda House, we feel inspired.  The bridge at Lake Katharine, Reynolda Gardens and the old swing set by Reynolda House are all places where our family has enjoyed many hours of relaxation.

A trip to Reynolda House wouldn’t be complete without _______.

A trip to Reynolda House wouldn’t be complete without viewing the art collection within the backdrop of the historic house.

Do you have a personal motto or a word of advice regarding community involvement and philanthropy?

Community involvement, to some, is an obligation.  We believe that it is enjoyable and that it gives us a connection to everyone in the community.  The “fun” part is contributing time and money to things that you have a passion for.

When I bring a client or friend to Reynolda House I always tell them about _______.

When I bring a client or friend to Reynolda House I always tell them about the history of the house and the partnership between Katharine and R.J.

How do you continue to Learn and Find Meaning and Inspiration in your life?

I find meaning and inspiration by encountering and working with people of different backgrounds and with different life experiences.  I am inspired by people who have achieved great things and even more so by people who have overcome tremendous obstacles.

How has your partnership with Reynolda House impacted your own mission?

My partnership with Reynolda House has pointed me towards becoming involved with projects that can have great lasting value and timeliness. The current museum, which was once a family home, is now a center for learning and inspiration.  I am pointed towards causes and organizations that can have an impact for generations.

Completed by Eugene Gray Smith, III

If you are interested in sponsoring an exhibition or program, contact Stephan Dragisic at 336.758.5595. Click here for a list of upcoming sponsorship opportunities.


The generosity of Leigh and Gray Smith impacts all of us in a very positive way and I fill enriched because Reynolda has provided an opportunity for me to know them.

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