Reynolda Links: Arthur Dove to Alix Hitchcock

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Reynolda Links: Arthur Dove to Alix Hitchcock

Reynolda Links is a blog series by @TrishatReynolda that explores connections between the Museum and the people and happenings in the Piedmont Triad.

When I interviewed Alix Hitchcock about her abstract artwork, her story sounded strikingly similar to that of Arthur Dove.

I learned from David Lubin’s Modern Minute that Arthur Dove moved from the city to a farm in upstate New York. During his time on the farm, he produced Dancing (1934) which is currently on view. Alix Hitchcock moved from New York City to a farm in Advance, North Carolina in the early nineties. In our discussion, Alix explained her methods of abstraction and how she used her life on the farm and elements of nature as a point of departure in her artistic practice.

As I have learned during this season of modernism at the Museum, abstraction surfaced in art when the pace of life sped up through Industrialization. The works included in American Moderns, 1910-1960: From O’Keeffe to Rockwell and Reynolda Moderns demonstrate varied methods artists used to approach modernity. From the blank stare at the end of the work day to the geometrical cityscape, the effects of industrialization are apparent.

The onset of the industrial world is very similar to the current rise in the digital world. The essence of communication becomes abstract, an idea I attempt to illustrate in an original sound collage “An Abstract Conversation with Alix Hitchcock.”

An Abstract Conversation with Alix Hitchcock


I like the idea of her using the image of a bird to represent freedom. That ties in with abstract art because it has it's own natural flow and so does a bird.

The way that the drawings show different textures and flows is very interesting because it shows that the artist is capable of drawing birds and other things in very different ways.

I like how Alex lived in a city which is usually occupied by a lot of people and in my opinion I love the city, especially at night because you can get a lot of inspiration from it. But Alex went from the city to the farm and there she found inspiration because there is more nature there and there is no sound of traffic there. I imagine there is more peace there. 

I like the art works with birds on it. But I didn't like the couple first drawings because they were all over the paper.

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