Reynolda (Gingerbread) House : A Whole Lot of Fun at Whole Foods

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Reynolda (Gingerbread) House

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This week it snowed on Reynolda House. Granted the snow was powdered sugar and Reynolda House was a foot and half tall and made of candy, frosting, and gingerbread.

In November, Whole Foods announced its first annual Regional Gingerbread House Competition for Charity. Twenty-seven stores in the Southeast will compete to raise the most money for their local Habitat for Humanity organizations. The talented folks at Whole Foods Winston-Salem planned an ambitious construction of the Reynolda House in gingerbread for their entry.

Last month, baker Tara Clemens and artist Kelly Bone visited Reynolda to sketch out their gingerbread plans. After a tour with resident Reynolda expert (and director of public programs) Phil Archer, the team decided to construct the home as it was in 1917 with a portico as the front entrance. Next they sketched up “blueprints” of the candy house to comply with the one contest rule: All materials used MUST BE EDIBLE!

In preparation, Tara (a sculptor by training) used fondant to create miniature components including 74 wreaths, three carolers, a snowman, Santa, his reindeer, and sleigh. She even sculpted edible versions of the Katharine and R.J., wearing his Christmas present from Katharine- a mink coat.  

After days of planning and nine hours of actual hands-on construction -- Voilá! Reynolda House so beautiful you could eat it!  

Visit Whole Food Winston-Salem (41 Miller St, Winston-Salem, NC 27104) to see the gingerbread house in person and enter the raffle to win it! All proceeds benefit the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity. Visit the real thing at 2250 Reynolda Rd.


[Pictured: Kelly Bone, Maria Pascu, and Tara Clemens]



Delightful! Great cause with a great community CONNECTION! love REYNOLDA HOUSE!

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