Mother’s Day at Reynolda: How To

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Mother’s Day at Reynolda: How To

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Share a memorable day with your mother at Reynolda. Follow this suggested itinerary for a perfect Mother’s Day outing. 

Before Sunday

  • Visit to coordinate directions to the Museum, see what works are on view, what exhibitions are open, and learn more about the Reynolds family and the Estate.
  • TIP: Make a reservation for brunch at one of the many great restaurants in Reynolda Village. Consider Pane Vino, Village Tavern, or Silo. The Museum opens at 1:30 p.m. on Sundays, so a noon reservation should be perfect! 
  • Visit our digital wing’s Motherhood gallery to discover the many different visions of motherhood in the Museum’s collection. Of the works included in the online gallery, plan to see the following works on your visit: Home in the Woods,  Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Robinson, Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis (Sally Foster),  Mrs. Thomas Lynch, and Watching from the Cliffs.
  • Don’t forget to wrap your gift!

On Sunday before the Museum:

  • As you drive into the estate, notice the abundance of daffodils in the landscape. Even though they’re just past their peak of bloom, you can still see the green-stem legacy that Katharine Reynolds had planted almost one hundred years ago.
  • TIP: Park in Reynolda Village. This will put you close to a brunch spot and allow easy access to your car after your Museum visit. (the Museum gates lock at 5 p.m.)
  • After the meal, leave the car parked and make the short walk up to the Museum. An easy walk after a meal promotes good digestion! If you didn’t drive by the Museum on your way in, ask your server for the best walking directions up to the Historic House.
  • TIP: Secure your beautiful handbag and other belongings in the trunk of your car. Hands-free makes for a better Museum experience. (We also have complimentary lockers.)

At the Museum:

  • After you check in at the front desk of the Museum, stroll back to the orientation gallery and learn about the Reynolda story - the history, the family, and the Museum. Identify the women of Reynolda - Katharine, Mary, and Barbara!
  • TIP: Already a frequent visitor to Reynolda? Skip the orientation gallery and head straight to the historic house.

In the historic house:

  • Look for Katharine’s portrait in R.J.’s Study. She posed for this portrait while on their honeymoon in Europe.
  • Stop in Katharine’s Study, in the hallway past R.J.’s Study. Consider the types of letters penned from her desk and what details of the room make it “feminine.”
  • After the reception hall, be sure to visit the Butler’s pantry. See Katharine’s china, produced by Minton for Tiffany & Co., monogrammed “KSR.” Her daughter Mary Reynolds Babcock had the same china pattern, monogrammed MRB.
  • Stroll into the adjacent private kitchen, where Mary and Nancy learned to cook just in case they married a man who couldn't afford servants.
  • Visit all the works of art that are on display from the Motherhood online gallery (see above). Ask a protection officer if you need help finding a particular work.
  • Play (imaginary) dress up in the attic! Explore the Museum’s costume collection that includes dresses, shoes, and hats that belonged to Katharine and her daughters. Which would you choose to add to your closet today?

After the Museum:

  • TIP: Make sure to leave time to shop in the Museum’s Store, which always has unique items for you to give as gifts or to treat yourself. Plus, member’s receive a 10% discount! 
  • On your way back to the Village, stroll through Reynolda Gardens to see the gorgeous flowers and vegetables gardens!
  • End your wonderful day with a sweet treat - possibly gelato or a glass of wine - and talk about how you wish the day would never end! *


*It doesn’t have to! Ask the front desk to apply your admission to a Museum membership and enjoy days like this one all year long!

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