Holidays in the Dash! Truly Unique.

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Holidays in the Dash! Truly Unique.

Holiday traditions in Winston-Salem burn brightly each year! Reynolda House is an important part of the city’s rich celebration of the season, and our visitors agree.  Read a review from TeressaNC  from December of last year.

It was the week between Christmas and New Years. My husband and I were off. Everyone the kids knew seemed to be away or hanging with relatives...we had cabin fever. Being a family that loves a good historic house - we headed to Winston Salem to visit Reynolda House. We had not been there before and were unclear of what to expect.

Well - it was just grand! Loved it. The kids loved it. While it is about the same era as Biltmore, it is not the same at all - I guess maybe it was the hippie version for the time - having been built with inspiration from the American Country House movement...and it was all in a woman's name to boot!

The tour gave us each an audio head set full of great facts...since they boasted that the organ was in working order - I asked when was it used - and to my glee they played it for me! I've been in dozens of these old homes with pipe organs but I've never heard one played. Woowoo.

The gardens looked lovely - but it was cold. Then we found lunch in the village pub and it was very good indeed.

I'll visit again - and you should too!

Please enjoy our collection of holiday excitement that we have gathered on our pinterest board Holidays in the Dash! #WSNC. We hope you find just the right family outing to warm your hearts this December and that a visit to Reynolda is among your holiday activities. Find more ideas for holidays at

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