Family First Workshop: Printmaking

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Family First Workshop: Printmaking

By Julia Hood, Coordinator of Education

We had a special treat for our Family First workshop in August. For the first time since 2011, Family First workshop participants had the opportunity to swim in the Reynolda pool! Followers of the Curate Reynolda blog will know that during the past year, the pool underwent an important restoration and intensive cleaning (see here for another entry about the pool).

Not only did we have fun in the pool, but participants also got to try their hands at three different methods of printmaking in our art studio. Each printing method involved applying ink or paint onto a flat surface, then transferring that ink or paint onto paper.

Here are photos of some participants making bubble wrap prints, watercolor monoprints, and monoprints on a Gelli Arts® printing surface. At the end of this blog, you can find instructions for how to make your own prints at home using bubble wrap and tempera paint.

Watercolor Monoprints on Glass

To make a watercolor monoprint, you first paint water, then watercolor paint, onto a flat glass surface.

Artists preparing their surfaces.

To make a print, you lay a piece of paper down on the glass before the water dries. Once the paper soaks up the water and color, you can peel it away.

Prints with Gelli Arts ® plates

To make your own bubble wrap prints at home, download these instructions.

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