Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #9

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #9


November 18, 2010

It has been really exciting to get to know more information about Grant Wood's Spring Turning, 1936. The history of the painting is rich. While our files onSpring Turningare already robust, I dug deeper into its history while researching the painting's provenance. I had to put together pieces of information into a coherent timeline of provenance. I used a myriad of clues and sources to reveal past ownership. Sometimes I found names from old back labels, while email correspondence with art dealer James Maroney Jr. provided even more leads. It's amazing  how helpful other museums and galleries will be in divulging information about a work of art if you take the time to contact them. Even when an institution failed to come up with more information for me, they were kind in responding to my inquiries. After much research, I now believe we have a good idea what the chain of ownership was forSpring Turningfrom its execution until it was donated to Reynolda House.

The label pictured is great, because it is an exhibition label from 1936, right after the painting was completed--while Wood still owned it.





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