Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #71

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #71

June 7, 2013

June7.jpgOne of the last things that Chloe and I had left to process for the ECP was a sculpture in the middle of our sunken garden. Kneeling Venus, circa 1935 by Vuk Vuchinich (1966.2.116) is a case bronze piece that was added to the house when Mary and Charles H. Babcock had the porte-cochère removed from the house and the sunken garden added in the mid-1930s.

On a beautiful day (we chose wisely), we went outside to take registration photographs and measurements. To get proper measurements, I needed to climb into the fountain pool (which I ask visitors to please not do-thanks!) which at that point had been empty of water. Meanwhile, Chloe was doing her best to not crush to the lovely flowers around the other side. In the end, we got everything we needed successfully. 

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