Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #67

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #67

April 16, 2013

Apr16.jpgI experienced an 'ah ha!' moment recently while combing through the E. F. Caldwell & Co. online archives hosted by the Smithsonian Institution Library.

When our Decorative Arts contract curator had looked at a pair of blue vases (1922.2.57-58) on the library mantel last February she decided to attributed them to E. F. Caldwell, based on their fine craftsmanship and because they were enameled metal. They had a 'Caldwell feel' about them.

Then a couple months later while looking up other objects in the E. F. Caldwell & Co. archive, I stumbled across an image of the vases. It turns out they ARE made by E. F. Caldwell, and that their product number is A-49106 [search A049106 at the archive site to see for yourself].

It is satisfying that our curatorial attribution was correct. Lack of a mark doesn't always prevent an object from being properly identified.


This is one of my favorite posts that I did. I'm glad it still exists on the new website--which looks great.

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