Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #63

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #63



February 15, 2013Feb18.jpgWe have a number of artworks in the collections by unknown artists. Not all of these works are unknown because they are unsigned, since sometimes signatures can be illegible. Illegibility can take on different forms, where a signature is too degraded or too stylized. Old varnish, cracquelure, or smeared watercolor can damage and distort signatures. It is so tantalizing when you feel like you can almost read it. This is made easier when the viewer has a clue as to the artist, as they can compare a damaged signature to a complete one. Monograms and other stylized signatures are great when the viewer knows the artist, but they make researching a bit more difficult (though not impossible).

We continue to research and document, and hope that even if we don't figure it out right now, someone in the future will have an 'ah-ha' moment when they recognize one of our signatures.







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