Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #54

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #54

October 12, 2012

The majority of lighting fixtures in the House were created by Edward F. Caldwell & Co., New York. This is true of the eight wall brackets, four table lamps, and chandelier in the Reception Hall. While gathering information for each piece, I've come across the 1916 E. F. Caldwell & Co. estimates provided to Reynolda and Charles Keen. These estimates include the design number for each fixture and a description. The six torch standard wall brackets in the Reception Hall are described in an August 4, 1916 estimate as such:

A 26653, 1 light electric torch brackets, each light to be equivalent to three ordinary lights, antique gilt and subdued polychrome, with hand painted shades.

In addition, I've been able to use a website (Shedding Light on New York: Edward F. Caldwell & Co.) set-up by the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Cooper-Hewitt Museum Library about its Edward F. Caldwell & Co. Archive. The website allows you to search through images. If you search 'A026653' you can see the torch standard wall bracket that we have in our collection. This is the type of interesting information that I am adding to our files.

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