Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #52

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #52

September 14, 2012

I've been spending a good deal of time working with historic house objects lately. A number of the pieces make me think of our William Merritt Chase painting, In the Studio, circa 1884.  The new curatorial write-up describes Chase's collecting habits:

The inner studio was indeed much larger than the main studio, Chase's workspace.  In this depiction, a young woman is seated, holding a Japanese woodblock print and surrounded by Chase's collection of 'bric-a-brac,' a varied assortment of objects from around the world.  Chase was an inveterate collector, indifferent to cost in the pursuit of acquisition, and he bought many of his things on his frequent travels to Europe that he then sent back to New York. As evidence of his active and varied collection practices, when Chase had to sell the contents of his studio at an auction in 1896, the items were sorted into twenty-five categories.

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