Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #51

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #51

August 17, 2012

Aug20.jpgGetting a glimpse at an artist's visual inspiration is a real treat.  This happened when working through the file for Lyonel Feininger's Church of Heiligenhafen, 1922. Gerd Bruhn sent Reynolda House some images of Heiligenhafen, Germany in 1997 (with the church in the background). One can draw the visual connections between the actual place and the painting. The new curatorial description talks about the location:

Heiligenhafen is a fishing village in northernmost Germany on the Baltic Sea.  Beginning in 1924, Feininger spent his summers nearby in Deep and was inspired by the region's simple old buildings, vistas of the sea, and northern light.  These he distilled into serene and lyrical images that reveal his debt to Cubism and yearning for an emotional response to nature.

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