Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #49

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #49

July 18, 2012

We are busy finishing up our Year Two business, much of which includes getting the majority of the Fine Art Collection into TMS. The new robust records are a delight to read. While we work away, I thought everyone would enjoy an excerpt from the new description for John Singleton Copley's portrait John Spooner, 1763:

It is Spooner's face, however, that arrests the viewer's attention.  He regards us with the hint of a knowing smile and a barely detectable gleam in his eye.  Copley makes no attempt to camouflage flaws, such as the slight indentation on the sitter's right cheek.  Indeed, it was this faithful attention to detail that made Copley so popular with the pragmatic colonists, who disdained flattery.  A shadow of stubble is evident on Spooner's face;  it is almost as if Copley is suggesting that the successful merchant is so diligent in his attention to his business that he simply has not had time to shave.

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