Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #46

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #46

May 25, 2012

May25.jpgDuring the first part of this week we were able to, once again, work with Ellen Denker, our contracted Decorative Arts Curator.  She was able to look at over 60 objects in Katharine's Study, RJ's Study, and the East Hall.  These are the rooms Chloe and I just finished processing, so this visit with Ellen was even more interesting to us because of our recent acquaintance with the objects.  (We especially enjoyed discovering faces on the chandelier above Katharine's desk!)  It was great to be able to ask a professional the questions we had been pondering about particular objects.

Ellen also gave a brief presentation to Museum staff outlining her findings and research so far.  It was helpful for the staff to hear not only broadly where we're at in the project but also for Ellen to narrow in on interesting pieces of information about specific objects in our collection.  We are already looking forward to reading the interesting findings that she will be providing on the objects she reviewed this week.

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