Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #45

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #45

May 10, 2012

May11.jpgChloe and I wrapped up our documentation project in RJ's Study this week. The main event occurred on Monday, while we were closed to the public. In order to fully document the room sized Sarouk rug we moved all objects off the rug and out of the room, including RJ's desk. This required that all hands be on deck from the Collections Management department.

The desk is heavy with multiple moving parts and compartments (for a typewriter and such).  In order to reduce the amount of stress on it during transport our Preparator, Che, devised a system that enabled us to move the object safely. As a team we carefully lifted one side at a time onto wood supports (only a small distance). The supports were then secured together to make a solid platform. We then lifted the platform onto dollies and were able to roll the desk out of the room.

Once we had finished documenting the rug (and adjusting its placement too!), we rolled the desk back into place and reversed the platform assembly process.

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