Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #40

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #40

February 16, 2012

Our work Map Projections: The Cube, 1986 by Agnes Denes was created using special techniques. It is a lithograph that has an added touch. The work was hand dusted with metallics according to a process invented by the artist in 1974.

The new curatorial description describes the effect of the metallics:

The dusting of metallic inks on a dark background of colored mulberry paper is not only beautiful but also appropriate for this re-conceptualization of earth's spatial dimensions, in this instance from sphere to cube.  Denes may be alluding to photographic images of earth taken from space in which the developed continents are lit up by their megacities.  It is perhaps a sobering reminder that what seems beautiful and magical is a result of light pollution and excessive population.

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