Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #39

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #39

January 27, 2012

Jan27.jpgGreetings from the Reception Hall! Our professional photographer, David Ramsey, has been at Reynolda House since January 17th working on the third major photo shoot of the ECP. Last week we worked with Fine Art in the Auditorium (getting 43 works done), but this week we switched our focus to large Historic House objects. We took advantage of Reynolda's closure to the public and commandeering the Reception Hall into a make-shift photography studio. We have been carefully moving heavy and cumbersome objects—like sofas and marble-top tables—onto white background paper to be photographed.

It is a slow process. In one week, we were able to photograph eighteen Historic House objects. Not only are the objects heavy but they also require special handling techniques. We have to follow standard object handling procedures and lift the furniture from only its strongest points. For instance, when we had to move a table we couldn't lift the table by the table top, but instead we had to get down and raise it by the two base legs. We've been hoisting objects onto dollies and carts whenever possible to help us.

All of this hard work is extremely gratifying though—as we will have terrific professional images for our database and eventually our website.

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