Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #25

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #25

June 20, 2011

June20.jpgLast week was busy for Elizabeth and me, as we had the pleasure of working with our professional photographer, David Ramsey, for another collections photo-shoot. This time we had three different set-ups in our make-shift photography studio in the auditorium—large 3D, small 3D, and 2D. Some of our art pieces required special mounts that were built by our Preparator, Che Machado, for photography.

Our Red Groom's workGertrude, 1975 needed to be removed from her Plexiglas case and have a vertical mount that allowed her to float, since she has no base. A similar type of mount was built for our Lloyd TooneStyling, 1998. Two of our Alan Shields' works (Sun, Moon, Title Page, 1971 andRat, 1974) are double sided and encased in Plexiglas, so Che created a mount that allowed them to hang vertically.





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