Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #19

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #19

March 30, 2011

Our file on Thomas Eakins's portrait ofA.W. Lee, contains some interesting correspondence related to the sitter. The new curatorial description (written for this project) has transcribed some of those letters:


In a typewritten letter from Clearfield [Pennsylvania] dated January 29, 1905, A. W.  Lee wrote to Eakins:  'My dear Sir:  I am sorry that I have been unable to give you a sitting.  Am now going South and will return by your City in March, when I hope to be able to give you some time.  Very sincerely yours, A. W. Lee'    Apparently Lee was able to pose for Eakins but the end result would not satisfy the sitter.  In a handwritten letter  dated September 19, 1905 sent from Tyrone, Pennsylvania, Lee again wrote Eakins:  'Dear Sir:  You will receive the Painting back from Washington addressed Mary E. Lee, 1729 Mt. V.  I may make a suggestion when I am down soon.  While not accepted by me I send you a cheque for $200 anyway.  In a general way my daughter liked it.  Very truly yours, A. W. Lee.'


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