Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #13

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #13

January 7, 2011

When using a new database there is often a certain amount of trial and error that goes into making the system work for you and your museum. It is a good idea ease into adding records initially with a cataloging project like this. Sometimes you need to work with something for a while and get a feel for the big picture before you can become more certain on how to use all the fields. This was true when I started working with the media records (image, video, audio, & document files) that are associated with object records. We constructed a plan to execute, but after entering about 20 records it became apparent that we needed to revamp our standards to better capture information in the fields. Shifting around data for only a couple dozen records wasn't too painful, but it goes to show that if you start slowly in the beginning, you won't end up having to correct as many things.





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