Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #10

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Electronic Cataloging Project Entry #10

December 8, 2010

Maynard Weber, the son of artist Max Weber (1881-1961), visited Reynolda House with his wife Dorothy in 1986. They happened upon the Museum by chance (and a recommendation from Old Salem staff to visit Reynolda Village for lunch). Their visit facilitated the decision to donate one of Max Weber's paintings,The Dancers, 1948. In the object file is an interview transcript with the son from May 24, 1988. Here is an excerpt of Maynard talking about Reynolda House:


'Among the art were many works by my father's contemporaries. The furnishings of the house were inviting...it has a relaxed atmosphere, and we felt welcome--as if we were visiting someone's home--Reynolda House is a home. It is not sterile and not merely a showcase; the building does not have the awesome size and emptiness of many of our museums today. It has instead a softness and a warmth--homelike....I wanted one of his [Max Weber] paintings to be here. It is a place he would have loved.'


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