Birdcages, Tiles, and Andirons! - #ReynoldaPool Updates

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Birdcages, Tiles, and Andirons! - #ReynoldaPool Updates

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The pool restoration is only a few weeks away from completion!  The birdcages arrived last week, and here are a few photos from that adventure of delivery and re-installation. The new lighting fixtures for above and below the pool will be installed next.

Earlier this month, the pool’s tile decking and interior tile were thoroughly cleaned with dramatic results.The newly installed glass has a slight tint to protect the tile, paint and wood surfaces in the pool house from discoloring and deteriorating in the future. The plumbing and heating element were also updated.

Visit our Flickr gallery to watch the process of the pool restoration from the start!


This blog is part of a series that highlights the significance of Reynolda’s indoor pool and tracks the progress of the Reynolda Pool Restoration Project. Follow #ReynoldaPool for updates.

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