Behind-the-Scenes of the Modern Minute

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Behind-the-Scenes of the Modern Minute

We didn’t go far to recruit the art experts for our “Modern Minute” video series to be featured with the Reynolda Moderns exhibition this spring at Reynolda House - we didn’t have to. We set out to not only bring attention to the caliber of the Museum’s collection, but also to showcase the wealth of expertise we have in Winston-Salem. In early September of 2013 we gathered Jay Curley and David Lubin of Wake Forest University’s Art History department; Belinda Tate of Winston-Salem State University’s Diggs Gallery; and Phil Archer, Kathleen Hutton, Allison Perkins, and Allison Slaby of Reynolda House to apply their unique lens to the works of art in Reynolda Moderns. Special thanks to Wake Forest’s Wrought Iron Studios, who provided our backdrop!

We snapped a few behind-the-scenes shots of these experts in action! Be sure to check out the “Modern Minute” series to see these experts shine!


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