Are you in the Reynolda “swim club?”

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Are you in the Reynolda “swim club?”

By Trish Oxford, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications | @TrishatReynolda

Did you swim in the Reynolda pool? If your answer is yes, or if you know someone who can answer yes, then we want to hear from you!

One of the most loved and asked about features of the historic Reynolda bungalow is the 1937 indoor pool, which has been closed for public use since spring 2012. After more than 70 years, the Museum started a restoration and repair of the pool house in June. The project is set to conclude in December of this year, which means that 2015 Summer Adventures campers will be able to swim at Reynolda once again! You can read about the project in our blog archives

Are you in the Reynolda “swim club?” Share your memory with us! Comment below, post on our Facebook page, or tweet your memory @CurateReynolda #ReynoldaPool. I’ll start:

I remember swimming at Reynolda pool when I attended camp at the Museum in 1992. We changed in the pool bathrooms and jumped in the deep end! My most vivid memory is that it was COLD!

[IMAGES: 2005 Summer Adventure campers at Reynolda pool.] 

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This blog is part of a series that highlights the significance of Reynolda’s indoor pool and tracks the progress of the current Reynolda Pool Restoration Project. Follow #ReynoldaPool for updates.



The Reynolda House pool is the best pool I have ever swum in. I was lucky enough to swim in it over several summers while I was taking a Creative Writing class taught by Neil Wilcox, a beloved teacher at Summit School. The pool was a magical place for me and after a morning of creative writing, I spent many time imagining that I was living at Reynolda House and this was my pool. The greenhouse over it made it so warm and yet it didn't feel like I was in a fish bowl. The soft green tile was much better than the normal ugly light blue concrete of most swimming pools. It was luxurious! 

Thanks for sharing, Margaret! You Creative Writing classes certainly show. What a lovely and well-written memory of Reynolda Pool!

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