A RAH Primer ... from an Insider

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A RAH Primer ... from an Insider

By Guest Blogger Greer Taylor, Reynolda After Hours Ambassador

For the same price as a Friday night dinner out, Reynolda House now offers the opportunity to engage in the after-hours programs and events occurring throughout the year with the Reynolda After Hours pass.  For those of you who don’t consider yourselves “museum people” (I’m talking to my husband now), RAH is the perfect way to enjoy Reynolda House and all that it offers in a more informal, relaxed atmosphere and as a better alternative to your otherwise been there, done that Thursday night plans.  And who knows?  You might turn out to be a “museum person” after all.*

Coming up on June 4 is RAH’s signature event, Summertime Social.  More than just entertainment (this year featuring music by local favorite Judy Barnes) and provisions (mini-gin cocktail, anyone?), events like Summertime Social and its fall counterpart, Harvest Moon Festival, are events that offer the opportunity to get together with good friends and while away the twilight hours at Winston-Salem’s signature landmark.  Instead of doing the usual dinner-and-drinks night out on the town, the events put on by RAH lend a unique, “can only do it in Winston-Salem” edge to the evening.  Where else can you spend an August night watching Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on the lawn, a spring Thursday listening to Mozart Miley Cyrus reimagined on the organ (yes, that actually happened), or see an exhibition of Impressionist masterpieces, in the ambience of the house and gardens built not just by an iconic American family, but by an iconic American business? 

The author enjoying 2014's Harvest Moon Festival on the Reynolda lawn.

On a personal note, Reynolda House for me has been a way to get involved in a community with an arts and social scene that runs deep.  Coming to Winston-Salem in the fall of 2009, I knew very few people outside of a small enclave of law students at nearby Wake Forest University.  Desperately trying to reconcile my former art gallery director self with the new role of aspiring attorney, I sought out any and all experiences that would provide a link to my former world of show openings and canapés.  Reynolda House – and the Reynolda After Hours programs that now populate many a Valencia-filtered Instagram post – offered that bridge between the everyday and the experience that so many of us crave.  Aside from offering a range of events that I could attend with the wannabe “museum people” in my life and guarantee a good time, Reynolda After Hours also offered – and continues to offer –  a link to many new friendships with people that care deeply about both the history and the future of Reynolda House.  And  as many lifelong Winston-Salem residents and newfound “museum people” alike realized when we attended Reynolda Thursdays and took the Candlelight Tours at Christmas, Reynolda House is more than a notch on the elementary-school field trip belt: it is an experience not to be missed. 

If you suspect that you may be a “museum person” or have a “museum person” in your life, we would like to invite you to join us for a Reynolda Thursday, and why not start with the event to kick off summer, the Summertime Social.  In addition to having a wonderful time, you’ll be part of the story of this wonderful Museum and estate that has welcomed so many into for the past ninety-plus years and for generations to come.

* For the prospective “museum people” reading this: no, you don’t have to speak in hushed voices and yes, adult beverages are available at most RAH events.

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