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June 29, 2013
June 29, 2013 Wow, the past three years have just flown by! This project has come so far and we have accomplished much. Even though this project comes to a close, there is always more...
June 17, 2013
June 17, 2013 Chloe and I discovered a handy item to have part of our cataloging tool kit this past  spring during our contract curator Ellen Denker's visit—a magnet.It all started when we...
June 7, 2013
June 7, 2013 One of the last things that Chloe and I had left to process for the ECP was a sculpture in the middle of our sunken garden. Kneeling Venus, circa 1935 by Vuk Vuchinich (1966.2....
May 14, 2013
May 14, 2013 I've been playing a sort of 'eye spy' game in identifying historic house objects in some of the early photographs from the Museum's Archives. Once I've identified an object in...
May 1, 2013
May 1, 2013 We have managed to squeeze one more photography shoot into this project. David Ramsey, our contract Professional Photographer, was with us for two days this week to capture 21...