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Collection: American Art
Date: 2000
Artist/Maker: Martin Puryear
Classification: Prints

Martin Puryear’s Cane reveals the artist’s ongoing interest in African American history and culture. Sculptures in the artist’s oeuvre, such as Some Lines for Jim Beckwourth, 1978, collection of the artist, and Ladder for Booker T. Washington, 1996, Modern Art Museum, Fort Worth, pay tribute to significant African American figures. Cane is Puryear’s response to an important literary work from the Harlem Renaissance, Cane by Jean Toomer.

Collection: American Art
Date: 1833
Artist/Maker: John James Audubon
Classification: Prints

The rarest of the North American songbirds, Bachman’s warbler was named by John James Audubon for his friend and collaborator, the Lutheran minister Reverend John Bachman of Charleston, South Carolina. Unusual even in Audubon’s time, this delicate bird, native to the southeastern United States, is now believed to be extinct. Through various artistic tropes, the artist emphasizes the elusive quality of the species, which he never observed in its natural habitat.

Collection: Estate Archives
Date: 1920
Classification: Photographs

Barnstormers Roscoe Turner and Harry Runser standing by their plane, an Avro 504, on the front lawn. Also in the photograph are three men and four children, including Nancy Reynolds

Collection: American Art
Date: circa 1916-1918
Artist/Maker: Maurice Brazil Prendergast
Classification: Paintings

With The Bathing Cove, circa 1918, the American modernist Maurice Prendergast continued to explore a theme that had preoccupied him for decades: groups of figures, decoratively arranged into a frieze-like formation, in a bucolic outdoor setting. Here, bathers are gathered on a grassy knoll by the water’s edge, while sailboats bob in the distance.