Online Galleries

Our curators have pulled together interesting themes and selected snapshots of the Museum’s collection in these online galleries. Browse the galleries to discover the many ways to approach fine art at Reynolda House. Just like galleries at the Museum, online galleries rotate frequently; check back often to discover what’s new.

These paintings and photographs either feature mothers as their subjects or, in some cases, were themselves created by mothers and reference that role in some way. Click through the gallery to discover the many different visions of motherhood in Reynolda's collection.

Museum Hack presents their favorite pieces; with a taste for the weird, the scandalous, and the unexpected backstory. The business known for hosting museum experiences "for people who don't like museums," shares the stories behind their picks, in their own words, on the Curate Reynolda blog.

This gallery includes a diverse range of Reynolda’s collection of portraits, highlighting the way styles and techniques change over time.

In this gallery of twentieth-century works, artists combine all three primary colors--red, blue, and yellow--to create vivid and dynamic pieces.  The use of brilliant color, often in combination with abstract compositions, conveys a sense of the energy and vigor of modern life.