Online Galleries

Our curators have pulled together interesting themes and selected snapshots of the Museum’s collection in these online galleries. Browse the galleries to discover the many ways to approach fine art at Reynolda House. Just like galleries at the Museum, online galleries rotate frequently; check back often to discover what’s new.

In the 1820s and ’30s, a group of artists later called the “Hudson River School” began venturing into the hills and forests of New York and New England, seeking inspiration from nature for their work.

Chuck Close is the most famous portrait artist living, only he doesn't do portraits in the usual way--his are headshots--and he never does only one. Reynolda House has 6 drawings and one study sheet by Chuck Close in the American Art collection. They are all black-and-white. They are all "Keith." Appreciate Close's inventive response to his friend's face in this online gallery.

To whatever degree their sexual identities are evident or suggested, LGBTQ artists have contributed immeasurably to the breadth and diversity of American culture. But between 1964 and 1982, when the works in this online gallery were created, homosexual activity between consenting adults was illegal in most states. However, attitudes have shifted rapidly in the last ten years.