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Revisiting American Illustration Art: How 'The Most American of American Art' Found a Home

Date: Tue, December 17, 2019
Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Reynolda House Museum of American Art


Free with Museum admission. Free for Museum members. 

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Judy Goffman Cutler will discuss the founding of the National Museum of American Illustration (NMAI), located in Newport, Rhode Island, and how it has inspired a rediscovery of America’s Great Illustrators. She will explore how illustrators shaped and reflected American society throughout the 20th Century, and how their images continue to be relevant today. The presentation will have a brief overview of the significance of several key illustrators, including Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and Norman Rockwell, with particular emphasis on J.C. and F.X. Leyendecker.

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